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Jan 8, 2017Issues and challenges of Indian Education. Click here to read the full article by Dinesh Kumar on Bee Bulletin.

Oct 15, 2015Learning water management from the perennially parched land of Israel . Click here to watch YouTube video.

Aug 13, 2015Rural India's dark underbelly. Click here to read story at The Financial Express.

Sept 4, 2013Falling Economic Tide in India is Exposing its Chronic Troubles by Keith Bradsher '. Click here to read story at New York Times.

Oct 8, 2012An Age-Old fixes for India's Water - revisiting the past by Cheryl Colopy author of "Dirty, Sacred Rivers: Confronting South Asia's Water Crisis." Click here to read story at New York Times.


Aug 23, 2010As its population threatens to turn into a burden, India is looking for ways to encourage delayed childbirth by using cash bonuses! Click here for more on this - read story at New York Times.


July 12, 2010Some Indian states have more poor than 26 poorest African nations - UNDP report! Acute poverty prevails in eight Indian states, including Bihar, Uttar Pradesh and West Bengal, together accounting for more poor people than in the 26 poorest African nations combined, a new 'multidimensional' measure of global poverty has said. Click here for more on this - read story at Economic Times.

Also read related story on NY Times: As Indian Growth Soars, Child Hunger Persists, Malnutrition is worse in India than in many sub-Saharan African countries and they stand out as a paradox in a proud democracy! A World Food Program report last month noted that India remained home to more than a fourth of the world’s hungry, 230 million people in all. It also found anemia to be on the rise among rural women of childbearing age in eight states across India. Click here for New York Times column by Somini Sengupta.

Jan 20, 2010Will India Run out of Water (unfortunately the answer us YES!)? A presentation by Upmanu Lall (Director of the Columbia Water Center) and assiciate research scientist Tobias Siegfried a presention cosponsored by Columbia Water Center and scientists and engineers for a better society student group at Columbia University. Click here for Part 3 of the Video link to Columbia University - The Earth Institute

Jan 19, 2009Dirt! The Movie screening at Sundance. Inspired by William Bryant Logan’s acclaimed book Dirt, the Ecstatic Skin of the Earth, directors Bill Benenson and Gene Rosow employ a colorful combination of animation, vignettes, and personal accounts from farmers, physicists, children, wine critics, anthropologists, and activists to learn about dirt—where it comes from, how we regard (or disregard) it, how it sustains us, the way it has become endangered, and what we can do about it.

Dec 11, 2008;  The most pressing need for India - fix its rotten infrastructure and the dreadful quality of its education. Read rest of the story at Economist

Aug 11, 2008 One of our students Miss Pranitta Vardhineni from Kalleda village was selected to represent India in womens Archery for the 2008 Beijing Olympics. Pranitta previously won a Silver medal for India at the 2006 world Junior Archery Championship at Merida, Mexico. Click here for story in Outlook Magazine.

May 17, 2008  John Wood (founder & CEO of Room To Read) inspirational speach at The Power within. Watch video: John Wood

Jan 24, 2008;  Jo Johnson (Financial Times) writes about the dilemma facing international donors with the contradictions they face in India today. India has 400 million people living on less than $1 a day, India is home to one in three of the world's very poorest and about 40% of all the undernourished children! However total aid flow to India has dropped over the years, India receives $1.50 a head, compared with an average of $17 per head for low-income countries. Read complete story at: Financial Times

Jan 17, 2008;  Somini Sengupta (New York Times) writes about Indian Education and the disparities in the school system which effect folks at the bottom of the pyramid. Among the poorest 20 percent of Indian men, half are illiterate and barely 2 percent graduate from high school. India has increased its outlay on education in the past couple of years but a lot more needs to be done to help the rural poor. New York Times

Apr 24, 2007;  Nicholas D. Kristof (New York Times) writes about India's economic boom bypassing the rural masses. Until Indian schools manage to teach students, India will continue to waste its precious brainpower and won't achieve a fraction of what it should. Watch video by Nicholas Kristof or Read this story from New York Times

Feb 7, 2007;  Kids with cameras get world attention! Read BBC story on RDF kids photoblog about daily life in their village in rural India. Was most popular story on BBC site for Asia and Africa!

Jan 1, 2007;  IRDF launches "Village India" study abroad program in partnership with Washington University, St Louis, MO ;  Click here to find out more.

Dec 30, 2006  India's share of malnourished children remains among the worst in the world - paradoxically India also confronts alarming levels of childhood obesity - report by Somini Sengupta, New York Times:  New York Times

Oct 22, 2006 Two of our students Miss Pranitta Vardhineni and Adonda Raju from RDF School, Kalleda village, Warangal win a Silver and Bronze respectively for India at the world Archery Championship, Merida, Mexico. Click here for related links: Press Release; News report on HinduEenadu (Telugu);  2006 Archery World Cup

Sept 30, 2006  India’s growing water crisis -  a three part report by Somini Sengupta, New York Times:  New York Times

Aug 19, 2006  Forty (40) percent of the children in the age group of 6-14 are not attending school in India - Controller and Auditor General (CAG) of India. - Deccan Chroncile

May 31, 2005;  Matendla Rural School (MRS), Medak District moves to brand new campus. view recent pictures

March 17, 2005;  How to end Poverty - Jeffrey D. Sachs. A provocative plan on how we can save those in poverty. . You can also order his book on Amazon.com

January 8, 2005;  IRDF (India Rural Development Fund) partners with SANG (South Asian Network @ Genentech) for long-term reconstruction in the tsunami affected areas. more info

December 9, 2004   Press coverage in Hindu (English) and Eenadu (Telugu) newspaper on the sporting activity at Kalleda Rural School - one of the schools funded by IRDF from inception. Hindu Newspaper or with photos

November 10, 2004  Students make a mark in sports at Kalleda Rural School, Warangal, India.  Ms. Pranitta Vardhineni and Ms. G. Neela both from tenth grade were selected for National Archery Team.  Kumari R. Sunitha was selected for the National Athletics Team.

February 12, 2004   Dr. Anji Reddy, Chairman of Dr. Reddy Labs makes a generous contribution towards the construction of a permanent school building for the Matendla Rural School, Medak, AP.

December 22, 2003  Community Hall in Redlawada village, Warangal, AP constructed with directed funds from IRDF and the Rotary Club is inaugurated by Dr. A.V. Subba Rao, IAS (sec. Education, AP Govt). Photo