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As a step toward improving the environment, IRDF has initiated an innovative pest management project. This project will help poor farmers by educating them on methods to improve their agriculture through eco-friendly ‘Integrated Pest Management’ techniques. This alternative, cost-effective method of controlling crop pests, replaces harmful chemical pesticides.

This pilot project with the help of our partner NGO RDF in Hyderabad, India has been initiated in a few villages in Warangal district. The goal is to increase crop yields while sustaining and protecting the environment.

The primary aim of this project is to dissuade the farmers from using harmful chemical pesticides, which over the years have destroyed the environment and progressively reduced yields. It is the classic syndrome of using more and more pesticide every year with less effectiveness. As a result of excessive and indiscriminate use of pesticide, many species of birds have reached the brink of extinction. Even the common sparrow is now no longer seen in rural India. In addition to this, traditional chemical pesticides have contaminated ground water and harmful residue is found in food. If the pilot project is proven successful, these techniques could be deployed in other parts of India.




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