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Gift Stock


When you contribute to IRDF, you are  making a significant and lasting impact on the lives of rural Indians. Through our professional management we maximize the value of your support and multiply its effect.

If you have owned stock for more than a year and it has gone up in value, you get a charitable deduction equal to the current value of the stock. Big tax plus: You avoid paying tax on the gain in value. So the cost of the charitable gift equals the stock's original cost to you, but the deduction equals its present value.  You get a tax deduction for appreciation in value on which you pay no tax. In fact, no tax is ever paid on the appreciation. IRDF, a tax-exempt organization, owes no tax when it sells the stock.

Example: Two years ago, you bought stock for $500. Its value is now $750. You want to make a $750 donation to IRDF. You give the stock instead of the cash and get a $750 deduction for a cost of only $500. Assuming you are in the 28 percent federal income tax bracket,  you also save around $70 in federal income taxes. (You may also save state and local income taxes.) Plus, you won't have to pay capital gains tax on the stock's $250 appreciation in value.

You can donate stock by downloading the application.


IRDF is a tax-exempt organization under the U.S. Internal Revenue Code, Section 501 (c) (3). (Tax identification number: 94-3274500

The most recent form 990 annual return filed by IRDF with the Internal Revenue Service may be viewed on the GuideStar web site operated by Philanthropic Research, Inc., of Williamsburg, VA (Note: Guidestar now requires free registration).

IRDF is a non-endowed foundation and relies on the annual support of many generous individuals, foundations, and corporations.